Garbage Recycling

2020 Garbage Collection Schedule

2020 Spring Recycling - Business & Drop Off Site Listing

2020 Spring Small Business & Ag Chemical Disposal Letter and Inventory Sheet

2020 Summer Rock County Clean Sweep for Hazardous Materials

2020 Home, Farm, & Business Chemical Disposal Brochure

2020 Household Chemical Disposal Guide

Recycling & Refuse Pickup (Advanced Disposal)

Refuse is picked up every Wednesday. Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday.

Click here to see the 2020 collection dates.

The trucks now being used to pick up refuse and recycling will lift each container, so be sure the lid opens facing the street, cans are placed at least one (1) foot apart and they are NOT placed on a snowbank in the winter. 

Advanced Disposal is our hauler, complaints can be made by filling out a customer care form on their website: or by calling (262) 893-9156.

Bulk Pick-up is once a month and you need to call and schedule your pick-up!

Keep up the good work on recycling!  Your efforts are helping to save landfill space, and helping the Village to receive approximately $3,000 per year in grant money!

Law Enforcement

Rock County Sheriff's Office is our local law enforcement. Call (608) 757-2244 for Non-emergency issues.

Leaves, Branches & Yard Waste

Advanced Disposal is not allowed to pick up leaves, branches and yard waste. Our Public Works Department will pick them up if yard waste and leaves are in plastic bags and placed by the street. Do NOT put cans, bottles or animal waste in the bags. Branches smaller than 3 inches around and no longer than 4 feet in length may be placed by the street. Any larger branches will have to be handled by the homeowner.

You may take these same articles to the compost area on Butts Road. DO NOT leave garbage, large logs or building materials at the compost area. If the DNR finds things there other than compost & branches, we run the risk of having the site closed up. Please help preserve the right to keep the site open by using it properly. It is for Village residents only. If you know of others using the site or persons using it improperly, report them to the Rock County Sheriff Department or to a Village employee. Anonymous tips are welcome.

Please do NOT rake leaves or grass into the street.

Water/Sewer Utilities

Billed Quarterly:

December 30 Due January 20
March 30 April 1 due on April 20
June 30 July 1 due on July 20
September 30 October 1 due on October 20

Penalties are imposed on unpaid accounts and they are in danger of disconnection if not paid.  If disconnected, the service will NOT be restored until paid in full and a re-connection fee of $50.00 will be added to the amount due.  Checks that come back for non-sufficient funds are charged $25.00 plus whatever the bank charges for returning the check.

Residential Charges: NEW RATES EFFECTIVE September 26, 2019

  • Water= $32.78 minimum plus $6.66 per 1000 gallons
  • Sewer= $92.29 minimum plus $9.84 per 1000 gallons

LANDLORDS-Please call the Water Utility when a tenant moves in or out of your rental unit.  If we are not told when there is a change, we cannot bill the correct tenant, and the bill becomes your responsibility.

2018 CONSUMER CONFIDENCE REPORT - The 2018 CCR contains detailed information on water quality in the Village of Footville. Copies of the Report were mailed to customers, including businesses, landlords, and residents with the last newsletter.  Copies are also available upon request at the Village Hall and posted at the post office.  Stop in at 261 N Gilbert St. or call (608) 876-6116.

Cable & Internet

Mediacom can be contacted by calling 1-800-874-2924 for sales & billing or 1-800-874-2991 for repairs.

Internet providers:

  • Rise Broadband at 844-411-7473
  • Sonic at 877-766-4230
  • Centurylink at 866-904-1817


Taxes are collected by the Rock County Treasurer.  Checks should be made payable to her and may be mailed to 51 S Main St., Janesville, Wisconsin 53545-3951, OR taken to the Treasurers' Office on the second floor of the Rock County Courthouse.

Office hours there are 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you need a receipt, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  Also include the parcel number with your payment.

Real estate taxes must be paid in full on or before January 31 or  if in two installments, the second is due on July 31.

Personal Property Taxes are due on January 31.