Do I have to license my dog or cat?

Licenses are required for all dogs living in the Village and may be obtained at the Village Office or via mail.  Proof of rabies vaccination needs to accompany the application. Licenses are to be purchased by April 1 of each year. Licenses purchased after Apirl 1 will be charged an extra $5.00. Cost of a license for a spayed/neutered dog is $6.00 and for an un-spayed/un-neutered is $11.00. Owners of unlicensed dogs may be fined $124.00.  Village Ordinance states that no person, family or occupants of one housing unit shall own, harbor or keep in its possession more than two (2) dogs & two (2) cats, except that a litter of pups or kittens or a portion of a litter may be kept for not more than ten (10) weeks from birth. It is unlawful for dogs or cats to run at large in the Village of Footville at any time. The owner or person in charge of any dog or cat is responsible for cleaning up any fecal matter deposited by such animal. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION.

Farm animals are allowed only in Agricultural District. Wild, exotic or vicious animals are not allowed in the Village.

When do I need to purchase a building permit?

A permit is required for most building projects (Additions, Fences, Decks, Garage, any changes to structure, etc). It is a good idea to check with the Village Office to find out for sure if you need one BEFORE starting a project. The cost for a permit is doubled if a project is started without one. Building permit application can be found here

What are the rules when building a swimming pool?

All pools having a depth at any point of more than two feet needs to be fenced in. The fence and gate shall be at least four and one half feet(4 1/2) in height above the grade level and shall be constructed of a minimum of number 9 gauge wire or similar material or a wooden fence. Gates shall be equiped with self-closing and self-latching devices placed at the top of the gate. A permit fee shall be $10 for each 1,000 cubic feet of the pool.

What do I need to know about the village rummage sale?

Our annual Rummage Sale started out as a one day event. It has been so popular that many sales are now open for two days. It always takes place on the last weekend in April (Friday & Saturday). Mark your calenders and join the fun. People have called about this event from as far away as Montana!

Where do I find information on the school district?

Our school district is the Parkview School District and the facilities are located in Orfordville, WI.  You can call  Parkview Elementary at 608-879-2956;  Parkview Jr./High School at 608-879-2994; or Parkview Business Office at 608-879-2717 or visit their website at http://www.parkview.k12.wi.us/