Welcome to Footville, Wisconsin

Village Hall Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 9am - Noon
Earlier morning and afternoon hours are available and vary. Please call for an appointment: 608-876-6116 
email:  footville@T6B.com  
For a water or sewer utility emergency after hours, contact Public Works Director Joe North at (608) 751-1744.



Events in the Community

Reminder that taxes due need to be paid at the County Treasurers office located at the Court House in Janesville!

Dog Licenses 2018 

  • All dogs in the Village must be licensed by April 1st in accordance with State Statute 174.05.  The Village ordinance allows for 2 dogs per household.  

    · Fees: Unneutered males or unspayed females $11.00; Neutered or spayed dogs $6.00.  Late fee after April 1st $5.00; fine for an unlicensed dogs $124.00. 

    · Proof of rabies vaccination must be submitted when you apply. Licenses are issued at the Village Hall, 261 N Gilbert St. You can apply here during office hours, deposit payment and information in the drop box in the door or mail it to P.O. Box 445, Footville, WI 53537.

  • Forms are available under Village Information for your convenience.


  • The next monthly Village Board meeting will be held Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the Village Hall, 261 N. Gilbert Street. 
  • Fire Commission meeting Tuesday, May 21,  2019 at 7 p.m. Footville Fire Department.
  • Meeting minutes and agendas can be viewed in "Agendas" under the "Government" tab.

Winter Reminders 

Snow Parking and snow removal regulations

PARKING AFTER SNOWFALL: All vehicle must be moved off the streets any time there is "1" or more of snow to plow. Failure to do so will result in a parking citation and the minimum fee is $50.00

SNOW REMOVAL: Sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours after it stops snowing per section 5.09 of municipal Code. The property owner will receive one notice from the Village and be charged for removal if not done by date specified. Any additional violations will be referred to the Rock County Sheriff's Department as an Ordinance violation.



1. Please keep hydrants clear of snow for emergency crews to access when needed

2. Please do not plow, blow or shovel snow into the street. This causes a hazard for vehicles and is am ordinance violation

3. Place garbage and recycling cans in an area that is free from snow and ice to prevent breakage of cans.


This is a kindly reminder that only TWO things that should be flushed into the sewer system are human waste and toilet paper!

Please refrain  from flushing baby wipes, moist wipes, plastic bags, kleenex, paper towel, cleaning wipes, food wrappers, towels, etc. Recently there has been a large  influx of non-digestible materials accumulating and locking up  the pumps resulting in costly repairs.The Village has spent approximately $15,000 just this year on repairs. It is our responsibility as residents to keep these items out of our sanitary sewer; so please be aware of this and SAVE OUR SEWERS! 


Park Reservations

  • The Village Park is closed for the season
  • The Village will begin accepting reservation forms for the park pavilion for 2019.  There is a $75.00 fee per request and no request is valid until the form and payment is received at the Village Office. 
  • Please call to request a form or download from the Village Information Tab.


  • You can now pay your water utility bills, court fines, or permit fees by credit card. Our processor is GOVPAYNET and they accept Master Card, Visa, AmEx, Discover and Debit Cards.  Click the links below to be taken to the proper secure form.



All New Home Construction Please use the following link to submit application for building: